RCI Vistalite Repro 13" Double Headed Tom (RCISL-13VR)

RCI Vistalite Repro 13" Double Headed Tom
Model# RCISL-13VR

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Price: $459.99

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It has been over 40 years since ludwig has made the original vistalite drums that made the company famous along with its energetic era. original examples are getting harder to find and and prices getting out of the reach for the avid player or collector. RCI Starlite precision made reproduction vistalite drums to 70s vistalite specifications are within reach.  With the research and development over the 16 years RCI Starlite has put is super duty acrylic shells to work and have reproduced the correct color and cosmetic specifications to the 1970s Vistalite drums. The RCI reproductions utilize correct ludwid hardware and reproduction Blue & olive badges to match your existing set and have taken care of the shell and bearing edge issues that usually plagued original vistalites. The RCI Starlite reproduction vistalite drums are made with a superior welded seamed shell that is hardened and is set up with our superior Glass style bearing edges that cane be used with a wide range of heads on the market today. Vistalite of yesteryear were very limited in head use due to their edge design. these are RCI Starlite drums made to 70s vistalite specs and are set up with no mount and no muffler. there is an option to add these items below. All RCI Starlite Vistalite reproductions are setup with RCI Starlite makers mark date of manufacture inside shell.


Add ludwig muffler to drum P-40662

Add L -arm mount P-1216D


Vistalite Repro 9x13 Double Headed Tom


The RCI Starlite 9 depth x 13" diameter Double headed tom is a beautiful reproduction of the original 1970s Vistalite double headed drums. The drum is set up with the RCI Starlite Super Duty Shells that are hardened and welded at the seam for a true Continuous Vibration that is one of the most labor intensive operations in making this unique drum shell. it is one of the main secrets in the foundation of its sound excellence. The shells are also color matched to 70s vistalites colors and utilizes the superior Super Duty bearing edges created by RCI Starlite to produce the best sound using today's plethora of different drums heads on the market. The shell is precision drilled and assembled with new ludwig hardware 6 large classic lugs on the top and 6 large Classic lugs on the bottom, 2.3mm hoops, heavy duty tension rods, performance heads and reproduction Blue & Olive badge. Drum is tuned and ready to play of of the box. 

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