RCI U2002 Super Duty Microphone Stand (RCISL-U2002BR)

RCI U2002 Super Duty Microphone Stand
Model# RCISL-U2002BR

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1-Year Warranty

Manufactured by RCI Starlite International. RCI U2002 Super Duty Microphone Stand. Considered the best lead singer microphone stand in the industry worldwide. These stands are made of Precison machined Brass & Bronze specialty parts and a Pure Cast Alumina Bronze Heavy Duty base. This unique stand has a pop up adjuster for that perfect one hand adjustment in height. Very sought after by lead singers and recording studios for its sturdiness and construction (I have seen recording studios in America  with $10,000 microphones on these.....that should tell you something about the quality of these stands. The RCI Super Duty Stand is Great for the singer over 5'8" with a height that exceeds 62". Most single stands out there of max out at 53".  The most unique part about the stand is the woven mesh adjuster. This item is the heart of the stands one hand adjustment  and it is made by hand at the RCI Starlite Factory in Bridgeport, Connecticut USA. We use the best raw materials available from all United States Companies. There is not an ounce of metal or labor from outside the United States in the construction of this stand. Currently this stand is being used by: Bono of U2 , Lincoln Park, Rob Halford Judas Priest, Phil Collins, Leeann Rymes One Republic and many more of the Most Celebrated Musicians in the World. This item requires multiple shipping boxes and shipping rates may vary at the time of purchase depending on shipping destination. Parts for this stand may be purchased on this site. Durining the Covid we have had to extend our times for shipping. Click Here for Parts diagram and links

5 out of 5 stars
By Daniel B. on November 21, 2019

WOW!! I can't believe it either!!!.....it's such a great piece of manufacturing & engineering down to the minutest detail for authenticity and design. I've been using mine since 2000 when they were first launched into the marketplace. My certificate of authenticity serial number is #u2009 which I'm guessing is the 9th one you guys produced? Little did I know after 20 yrs of my U2 tribute band I would start my Phil Collins /Genesis tribute...and already have the PERFECT stand for it!! I have flown mine to gigs all over the U.S. & even the Grand Cayman Islands!! The functionality, reliability, durability and the EXCEPTIONAL customer service from RCI and (specifically Mr. Romano Catone ) is beyond comparison. I could give my examples of that through the years) This stand is worth it's weight in brass & U.S. steel! Keep up the great work!! Thanks RC!! Danno/Philanno #u2hype U2 tribute #genpcproject - Genesis, Phil Collins tribute

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