RCI Bearing Edges For Shells (RCISL-BE)

RCI Bearing Edges For Shells

Price: $39.99 - $47.99

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When purchasing RCI Starlite Shells please make sure you choose this item to add bearing edges to your shell. RCI Starlite has many years of research in selcting the best bearing edges for your drum shell project. The edges below will work with todays performace drum heads by name brand Manufacturers. 

RCI Starlite 45 Degree Glass Edge This is a great all around edge that will wotk with all types of drum heads on the market today. this is a 45  degree edge with slight roundover on the outside edge. With the extra machine work and fitting & polishing this will give your drum that extra performance and eye appeal when using clear heads. This is the ultimate all around edge used for live performances and recording.

RCI Starlite 45 Degree Standard Edge: This is the same as above without the extra polishing. This is a great edge and it is the workhorse of the RCI Starlite drum shells for live and studio playing.

Outside Roundover Edge: This edge is designed for a trampoline effect bounceback for players that do a lot of Traditional grip drumming where buzz rolling is used. Also a great edge used for recoding where overtones are reduced.

Each bearing Edge (1) purchase will give you 2 edges Top and Bottom on each shell.

 Note: Bearing edge purchases are for shell 6"-14" Diameter and next for 16-26 diameter. 

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