M1923 Sling American Made RCI Starlite AFC (RCISL-M1923OD)

M1923 Sling American Made RCI Starlite AFC
Model# RCISL-M1923OD

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Beautiful reproduction of the WWII M1923 Rifle Sling made for the Thompson Submachine gun garand and many other rifles. This is the top of the line in slings during WWII and had many uses to them. Made right on loaction of the American Fabrics company in bridgeport CT. The Slings all use American made components that are made at RCI Starlite USA. Some manufactured items on the sling are made from existing businesses that made these parts during WWII. Canvas material is .105 Thick along with the precison Buckles made out of Brass  with the Heavy Duty Round End Tips. The only original part from WWII on this sling is the NOS sling Keeper. 


Limited Quantities

5 out of 5 stars
By Michael P. on March 26, 2020

Having learned to use the Shooting Sling at a Department of the Army, Director of Civilian Marksmanship (DCM) Junior Club in the 1960's and having shot Service Rifle competition with the M1907, I discovered the M1923 Sling a few years ago. Once I got the correct instructions for installing and using the M1923, I found it head and shoulders above the old leather M1907 "standard" sling. It has several advantages over the M1907. Being web instead of leather, it does not crack, have the holes elongate with use or react badly to getting wet. And, unlike the M1907, the M1923 Sling is infinitely adjustable to EXACTLY the length you want, as you are not limited to where the adjusting holes are placed in the old M1907. In Clark S. Campbell's famous book on the M1903 Springfield he cited the M1923 as the "Best Sling the US Army EVER had!". After using it against the M1907 and the much inferior M1 web sling, I understand why he said that and I believe he is absolutely right! At the time I got my first one, the only real problem with the M1923 sling is that it had become a collector's item and hard to find for a reasonable price, with even used, ugly examples bringing over $100 and pristine, NOS issue M1923's bringing between $200-300 dollars. Thanks to RCI's reissuing the M1923 at a reasonable price, it is again a viable - and I believe - a Superior Sling - the best for Military Rifle Shooting Sling Available, period, at any price. Try it, you will Love It!

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